what does the statue of liberty represent


The statue on Liberty Island represents the struggle for freedom that began with Colonies in 1776, continuing through the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the growth to a Nation. The woman invites us to join her in celebrating the freedom she embodies and what it means for all of mankind.This is a short movie about what does the statue of liberty represent. Let’s watch it together. If you have any questions, please reply to this news video.

The legend

Hachiko is a dog of the Akita breed that belonged to a Tokyo university professor in the 1920’s.

The meeting point

Today Hachiko serves as a meeting point in the swarming Shibuya district.

Other Hachiko statues

In Akita (north of Honshu) where Hachiko’s breed comes from, a statue of the illustrious dog was erected at Odate Station in 2004.

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