what does the statue of liberty represent


The Statue of Liberty stands in a place of prominence. It inspires feelings of hope, courage, bravery and freedom from tyranny. It holds out a promise of such respect by the world that only an even stronger nation can replace her for its own betterment. With these benefits being proposed, it is easy to see how this majestic reminder arises as the symbol for America’s government in which the people shall have all their rights restate which is what we strive for in our country today.This is an article I’m reading. Let’s watch it titled: what does the statue of liberty represent. If you have any questions, please reply back.

How long did it take to build the statue of the woman holding a torch?

He imagined a statue of a woman holding a torch burning with the light of freedom. Turning Bartholdi’s idea into reality took 21 years. French supporters raised money to build the statue, and Americans paid for the pedestal it would stand on. Finally, in 1886, the statue was dedicated.

When was the statue of liberty given to the United States?

Statue of Liberty. By Peter Winkler. On July 4, 1884 France presented the United States with an incredible birthday gift: the Statue of Liberty! Without its pedestal it’s as tall as a 15-story building. She represents the United States.

Who was the sculptor at the dinner?

At that dinner was the sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi (bar-TOLE-dee).

Was the statue of liberty a gift from France?

It was France’s gift to the American people. The Statue of Liberty in New York was a gift from France to the United States. Please be respectful of copyright. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

How many sheets of copper are in the statue of the Virgin Mary?

? Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi knew he wanted to build a giant copper goddess; he used his mother as the model. ? The statue is covered in 300 sheets of coin-thin copper.

Where was the statue of liberty built?

But the world-famous Statue of Liberty standing in New York Harbor was built in France. The statue was presented to the U.S., taken apart, shipped across the Atlantic Ocean in crates, and rebuilt in the U.S. It was France ’s gift to the American people.

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