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Staten Island Ferry

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How long is the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty?

Wherever you start from – Battery Park or Liberty State Park, the ferry ride to Liberty Island usually takes15 minutesor less. However, during peak times, you may have to wait your turn and maybe even let go of a ferry because it was full. But it is not much of a hassle because a Statue Cruises ferry boat sails out every 20-25 minutes.

How much does the Statue of Liberty ferry cost?

The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World was a gift of friendship from France that was dedicated on Oct. 28, 1886. It is free to enter the Statue of Liberty. However, you must access it via the Ellis Island Ferry, which has a fee of $12 for visitors ages 13 and up. It’s $10 if you’re over 62 and $5 for children ages 4 through 12.

What trains go to the Statue of Liberty?

Walk to the west, or follow signs for the Statue of Liberty ferries. Click for the MTA Manhattan Bus Map. Several subway stops are located near Battery Park. The 4 and 5 trains stop at Bowling Green. The R train stops at Whitehall Street. The 1 train stops at the South Ferry station. MTA Subway Map.

How much are ferry tickets to the Statue of Liberty?

? Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult. ? All tours include complimentary multilingual Audio Tour. Duration Approx. 3 hours Availability Same-Day Available. Adult Price: $31.00 Child (4-12) $19.00 Senior (62+) $25.00 Listed price includes a per-ticket service fee. Summary at checkout.

Why is the Statue of Liberty ferry lighter?

The Statue of Liberty ferry during COVID-19. Crowds are lighter during COVID-19 due to fewer tourists in New York , so this helps with social distancing. During the global pandemic, the Statue Cruises ferry is prioritizing health and safety for all guests.

Can you see the Statue of Liberty from the ferry?

You can see a lot from the ferry even before arriving at Liberty and Ellis islands. Enjoy views of the NYC skyline with the One World Trade Center as you cruise to the Statue of Liberty. Get a sneak peek of your ride in the video below.

Can you bring a gun on a ferry to the Statue of Liberty?

Large bags, markers, sharp objects, and weapons aren’t allowed on board the ferry .

How to get to the Statue of Liberty?

The Statue Cruises ferry is the only way to get to the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island. There are plenty of options that go near it, but to physically walk on Liberty Island you have to take the Statue Cruises ferry. They are the only company with permission to transport and dock on the islands.

What are the different types of ferry tickets?

There are two types of ferry tickets you can purchase — flex and reserve. Both have their benefits, so the choice is up to you!

How early should you be in line for the Liberty ferry?

Guide tip:Once you know exactly what time the boats are scheduled to leave, try to be in line at Liberty and Ellis Island at least 10 minutes early. This will help to ensure you get on the next ferry and don’t wind up cut off. The ferries do have limited capacity and nothing is worse than being so close and then having to wait another 20 or 30 minutes in the hot sun or extreme cold.

What is the only way to reach the Statue of Liberty?

The Only Way To Reach the Statue of Liberty: The Ferry

How early can you pick up a ferry from Castle Clinton?

No matter what you choose to do (buying online versus in person), you should try to be at Castle Clinton at least 30 minutes early to purchase or pick up. The ticket office at Castle Clinton opens 30 minutes before the first ferry departure and closes 30 minutes before the last.

Where does the New Jersey ferry go?

The ferry makes two stops — Liberty Island & Ellis Island. It will then return back to its original point of departure, whether that be Battery Park in New York or Liberty State Park in New Jersey. You can choose to not exit at any of the stops, but, if you do, always be sure to get back on the right boat. The New York and New Jersey boats take different routes and don’t stop at the others’ departure point. So if you’re coming from New York and hear a member of the crew shout “New Jersey” when you’re getting back on the boat, best to turn around and get off.

Where to sit on the ferry to see the statue of liberty?

Use this time to find a good seat on the right side of the boat (the side facing Manhattan and Battery Park) because as soon as the boat pulls out, it will make a sharp turn and put you in prime viewing area for that first Statue of Liberty picture.

Why is Staten Island Ferry free?

The Staten Island lies in New York Harbor, south of Manhattan and between New Jersey and Brooklyn.

What is the best way to visit the Statue of Liberty?

Statue Cruises’ Statue of Liberty ferry is the best way to explore the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island because they drop you at the Island and then take you back.

How far is the Whitehall Terminal from the South Ferry Station?

From the South Ferry Station, the Whitehall Terminal is less than a minute’s walk.

What time is the ferry to the Statue of Liberty?

The best time to board the free Staten Island Ferry is between 10 am, and 11:30 am or after 7 pm.

What holidays does the Staten Island Ferry operate on?

On New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, the Staten Island Ferry operates on a different holiday schedule.

How many people ride the Staten Island Ferry?

The ferry runs 24 hours a day, all through the year. Around 25 million people ride a Staten Island Ferry every year – that’s about 70,000 a day. The Staten Island Ferry is free, and you get to go right past Lady Liberty.

Where is the Whitehall ferry terminal?

The Whitehall ferry terminal is in the South Ferry section of Lower Manhattan, New York City, at the corner of South Street and Whitehall Street. Entrance of Staten Island Ferry’s Whitehall Terminal. Image: Ajay Suresh. It is also known as the South Ferry.

How Long Does It Take To Visit Both Parts Of The Tour?

How long this tour will take is entirely down to your interpretation and preferences. Everyone will spend a different amount of time at both Liberty and Ellis Islands.

What Else Is In The Area?

Once you disembark the Statue of Liberty ferry, what else can you do around the area? Well, Lower Manhattan has a whole host of touristy things you can get stuck into:

What is the ferry from Manhattan to New Jersey?

Crossing the Hudson River from Manhattan, New York into New Jersey aboard the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island ferry is one of many unmissable things to do when visiting NYC. But for such a popular and unmissable tourist attraction on every bucket list NYC itinerary, working out how to get to Liberty and Ellis Islands isn’t as easy as you might …

How long is the tour of Ellis Island?

We’d suggest a guideline of around 2 hours for Liberty Island and 2 hours for Ellis Island.

How often do ferry trips leave Battery Park?

Ferries typically depart Battery Park every 20-35 minutes between the hours of 8.30am to 5.00pm. However, restrictions put in place during the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in fewer ferry crossings to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

How early to get ferry from Battery Park to Castle Clinton?

In order to get the 9.30am ferry from Battery Park, be sure to arrive to Castle Clinton between 8.45am and 9.00am. Arrive at 8.45am and get in line inside Castle Clinton if you haven’t already bought tickets online or reserved a time with your CityPASS.

How long is the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty?

The 15 minute ferry ride will fly by as you become mesmerized by the Statue of Liberty growing in size. Watch as the flaming torch gradually turns into direct view and boom, in just a matter of seconds, your front-on view comes and goes in a flash.

How long is the ferry ride from NYC to Liberty Island?

The ferry ride from either NYC or Jersey City to Liberty Island takes about 15-20 minutes. During the brief ride, be sure to take some pictures of the gorgeous NYC skyline!

How to get to the Statue of Liberty in NYC?

here is only one way to get to the Statue of Liberty in NYC: with a ferry. If you’re leaving from NYC, you need to catch the ferry at Battery Park. Tip: If all of the departure dates are filled up for the Battery Park ferry, try driving out to Liberty State Park in Jersey City instead! There is a ferry at that location to the Statue of Liberty, as well, and it isn’t far from NYC.

What is the statue of liberty?

The Statue of Liberty is a massive neoclassical sculpture built on an island in NYC. Ironically, one of the most significant American landmarks was a gift from the French. In 1865, French jurist and activist Edouard de Laboulaye put forth the idea of creating a monument for the United States. It wasn’t until ten years later that the idea was put into action. French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was tasked with designing a monument. Initially, the monument was meant to be finished by 1876 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence. However, the monument, which was built by Gustave Eiffel, was only finished ten years later in 1886. The monument, now fondly known as the Statue of Liberty, has an official name of “Liberty Enlightening the World.” While the statue was designed by a Frenchman, the United States was responsible for building the pedestal. The Statue of Liberty was a joint effort between the two countries, meant to symbolize unity.

When was the statue of liberty completed?

Initially, the monument was meant to be finished by 1876 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence. However, the monument, which was built by Gustave Eiffel, was only finished ten years later in 1886. The monument, now fondly known as the Statue of Liberty, has an official name of “Liberty Enlightening …

What was the replacement for Lady Liberty’s torch?

The major restorations consisted of replacing iron bars with stainless steel bars and replacing the entire flame and upper part of Lady Liberty’s torch. However, the torch replacement was an exact replica of the original.

Is the Statue of Liberty in New York City?

Today, the Statue of Liberty is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New York City. It’s no wonder why! Who wouldn’t want to see such a magnificent, 151 foot tall, 450,000 pound United States monument? Lady Liberty, as well as Liberty Island, has a rich historical background and is enchanting to visit in person. Tourists have been able to visit the Statue of Liberty for decades! If you’re a fan of NYC travel tips or you’re planning your first visit to NYC, here are some details on how to get to the Statue of Liberty and what to do when you get there:

Do you need special tickets to visit the Statue of Liberty?

If you’d like to visit the Statue of Liberty pedestal or crown, you will need to buy special tickets. To visit both the Statue of Liberty and its pedestal, the price is the same. However, you will need to pay a few dollars more to visit the Statue of Liberty crown.

When is the Best Time to Take the Staten Island Ferry?

Assuming you are starting your voyage from Manhattan, the best time to take a ride is to avoid rush hours, particularly the afternoon rush hour.

How long is the ferry ride from the airport to the airport?

The ferry ride each way is approximately 25 minutes.

Where is the ferry from Staten Island to Manhattan?

The ferry is a commuter ferry that shuttles back and forth from The Whitehall Terminal at the tip of Manhattan to the St. George Terminal on Staten Island. You can even ride the ferry at night since it runs 24 hours a day!

Where does the Staten Island Ferry leave from?

The Staten Island Ferry leaves from the Whitehall Terminal, which stands on the southern tip of Lower Manhattan. It’s best to start off by just using this Google Maps link for directions to the Staten Island Ferry, by subway, bus, car or on foot.

What are the views from the Staten Island ferry?

VIEWS FROM THE STATEN ISLAND FERRY. The ferry’s route offers stunning views of Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island , and Governors Island. You can also see the hilly terrain of Brooklyn and in particular, Brooklyn Heights. You will have a slightly distant view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

What time does the ferry run in the morning?

There is one exception. During weekday rush hours, the ferries run every 15 minutes. Rush hours are 6:00 am until 9:30 am in the morning and 3:30 pm until 8:00 pm in the late afternoon and evening. We recommend that you check the schedule and their website for any changes and updates.

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