what was the real color of the statue of liberty


What is the original meaning of the Statue of Liberty?

There have been many claims on the internet and elsewhere that the Statue of Liberty was originally intended to commemorate the end of slavery in the United States following the end of the Civil War, and that the model for the Statue was an African American woman.

Who is the original Statue of Liberty?

The full text of the post reads, “The original statue was a black woman given to us by France to pay homage to the slaves that were brought here by force. The original was refused by America so they made a new one with a white face on it! BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU WE ARE QUEENS!!!” Examples of this claim are visible here and here .

Why is the Statue of Liberty Green?

Even though the statue is called the Statue of Liberty, it is really a statue of a woman holding a torch. The statue is green because of the copper it is made out of . Copper is a very reactive metal and forms a layer of green verdigris when exposed to the air. This is the same green you see in copper pipes or antique bronze statues.

What colour is the Christ the Redeemer statue?

The construction materials used to make the Christ the Redeemer statue are light-colored, readily reflecting light from the sun, the moon, and surrounding spotlights. Even if you couldn’t see the sculptural details, the image of a white cross is always there.

How tall is the statue of the torch?

This copper statue stands at 151 feet and 1 inch. Its pedestal adds another 154 feet, making the torch reach 305 feet. The statue is made of 250,000 pounds of steel, 62,000 pounds of copper, and has a pedestal that weighs 54 million pounds.

Why is the statue of liberty green?

Currently, the Statue of Liberty is green in color. How did this happen? The air and water reacted with the copper metal and resulted in oxidation. This oxidation created a layer of patina, a copper carbonate. This does not harm the statue and actually helps to protect the copper sheets below.

How much can the statue of liberty give way?

In strong winds, the Statue of Liberty can give way up to 3 inches, and the torch can sway up to 6 inches. This flexibility prevents it from being damaged during storms. The torch is no longer the original one. It was replaced in 1986 by a 24-carat gold-covered copper flame.

What is the statue of liberty?

The Statue of Liberty represents Libertas, the Roman Goddess of Liberty. She is holding a torch and a tablet with the date of the US Declaration of Independence. She is dressed in a robe, wears a crown, and has a broken chain at her feet. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the United States. It was designed by the sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel in 1886. The US designed and paid for the granite and concrete foundation.

What is the meaning of the Liberty Enlightening the World statue?

It was originally intended to represent the liberty that both the US and France hoped for in the world. The crown consists of 7 points, which were meant to represent the seven continents and seven seas of the world.

How long did it take to build the statue of liberty?

The US designed and paid for the granite and concrete foundation. In transit, the statue was broken down into 350 pieces and stored in 214 crates. It took four months to put together on its pedestal in Liberty Island, previously known as Bedloe’s Island, in New York Harbor. Today, the statue is a famous American landmark that receives millions …

How to get to Liberty Island?

Access to Liberty Island can only be attained via a paid ferry service from the mainland. A security screening is performed before boarding. Entrance to the statue is free. Once on the island, tourists can visit the pedestal and its museum or climb the staircase to the crown, which requires a second security check. The museum offers exhibits about the history and symbolism of the statue with photographs, video, and historical objects.

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Why did Lady Liberty’s feet fade?

The original meaning behind the statue began to fade as Laboulaye pursued funding for the monument. In an effort to raise funds Laboulaye presented the project in extremely broad terms in order to widen the amount of potential donors. He also added the torch in her right hand to push donors to open their wallets.

Why is Lady Liberty holding a torch?

Today, instead of holding the shackles Lady Liberty is seen holding a tablet inscribed with the date July 4, 1776 to commemorate the Declaration of Independence.

Why is the statue of liberty on Ellis Island important?

Today, the statue’s original purpose of celebrating slaves has been largely forgotten and the statue is instead seen as a celebration of immigration. Mainly because of its position on Ellis Island, America’s busiest immigrant inspection station. Since Lady Liberty was the first thing many immigrants saw as they entered America, …

What is the purpose of the statue of liberty?

Its original purpose was to celebrate freed slaves, not immigrants. When looking at the Statue of Liberty, the first thing many view it as is a celebration of America. Specifically a celebration of America being a country of immigrants. This connection is apparent in the statue’s plaque donning the famous Emma Lazarus poem "Give me your tired, …

What did Du Bois say about Lady Liberty?

While many European immigrants turned to the statue as a symbol of hope, Black civil rights activist and scholar WEB Du Bois wrote in his autobi ography that as he sailed past Lady Liberty on his return home from Europe, he had a hard time feeling the this same sense of hope since he did not have access to the freedoms she promised.

What is the meaning of the poem "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses year?

However, the plaque was added in 1903 and pushed attention away from the original purpose of the statue: to push Americans to recognize the importance of liberating slaves.

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