when was the statue of liberty built


Oct 28, 1886

What year did they start building the Statue of Liberty?

Though the idea was initially conceived in 1865, it took over 20 years for the statue to be completed, with the formal dedication occurring on October 28, 1886. After the American Revolution, the French government made the Statue of Liberty and gifted it to the United States as a symbol of its support.

When did they start building the Statue of Liberty?

history of the statue of liberty in pieces Construction began in 1875 and was not completed until 1884. Crews worked round the clock, seven days a week, for nine years to finish the Statue of Liberty. When it was complete in 1885, the statue was disassembled into 350 pieces, shipped to New York City, and reassembled.

When did the Statue of Liberty become a national monument?

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What was the original purpose of the Statue of Liberty?

Was the original model for the Statue of Liberty a black woman? Most versions of the Black Statue of Liberty rumor refer to a cast (c. …Is the Statue of Liberty a monument to the end of slavery in the United States? …What roles do African Americans have in the Statue of Liberty’s history?

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