where is statue of liberty


in New York’s harbor at Liberty Island.This is an article about where is statue of liberty. Let’s watch it together. If you have any questions, please reply with your thoughts and ideas.


For those of us who aren’t familiar, the Statue of Liberty was indeed given to the United States of America by the French people to celebrate 100 years of the USA being an independent nation. The connection between France and the United States remained strong due to their alliance during the American Revolution a century beforehand.

Welcome to America

Due to the longevity of Lady Liberty’s existence, she was around prior to air travel for a period of time. During these earlier years, her physical representation was on notice for travelers and immigrants entering the United States through the New York Harbor. Her appearance symbolized freedom for those looking for a new life in America.


Due to the proximity of where the Statue of Liberty was situated near Ellis Island in the New York Harbor, immigrants entering the United States often associated its meaning as one of hope and opportunity.


Aside from Lady Liberty’s celebration of the French-American alliance that was coming up on 100 years at that point in time, her physique and appearance were designed after the Roman goddess Libertas.

Lady Liberty

Finally, the Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous man-made landmarks to ever be created in the history of the human race. Not only is it aesthetically remarkable given its immense size and intricate design, this monument gifted to our country by the people of France over two centuries ago represents a large array of hidden meanings.

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