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How far is the Statue of Liberty from the airport?

The nearest airport to Statue of Liberty is New York Skyports Seaplane Base (NYS) Airport which is 4.9 miles away. Other nearby airports include Newark (EWR) (7 miles), New York La Guardia (LGA) (10.8 miles), New York JFK (JFK) (14.1 miles) and White Plains (HPN) (32 miles). More information

Where is the Statue of Liberty located and why?

The Statue of Liberty as an icon of New York City and the United States of America. Located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, the statue commemorates the friendship between the United States and France that began during the American Revolution. Her official name is ” Liberty Enlightening the World.”

How much are ferry tickets to the Statue of Liberty?

? Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult. ? All tours include complimentary multilingual Audio Tour. Duration Approx. 3 hours Availability Same-Day Available. Adult Price: $31.00 Child (4-12) $19.00 Senior (62+) $25.00 Listed price includes a per-ticket service fee. Summary at checkout.

How far is Statue of Liberty from Rockefeller Center?

The quickest way to get from Rockefeller Center to Statue of Liberty is to line 4 subway and ferry which costs $22 and takes 1h 2m. How far is it from Rockefeller Center to Statue of Liberty? The distance between Rockefeller Center and Statue of Liberty is 6 miles.

Why is the Statue of Liberty ferry lighter?

The Statue of Liberty ferry during COVID-19. Crowds are lighter during COVID-19 due to fewer tourists in New York , so this helps with social distancing. During the global pandemic, the Statue Cruises ferry is prioritizing health and safety for all guests.

Can you see the Statue of Liberty from the ferry?

You can see a lot from the ferry even before arriving at Liberty and Ellis islands. Enjoy views of the NYC skyline with the One World Trade Center as you cruise to the Statue of Liberty. Get a sneak peek of your ride in the video below.

Can you bring a gun on a ferry to the Statue of Liberty?

Large bags, markers, sharp objects, and weapons aren’t allowed on board the ferry .

How to get to the Statue of Liberty?

The Statue Cruises ferry is the only way to get to the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island. There are plenty of options that go near it, but to physically walk on Liberty Island you have to take the Statue Cruises ferry. They are the only company with permission to transport and dock on the islands.

What are the different types of ferry tickets?

There are two types of ferry tickets you can purchase — flex and reserve. Both have their benefits, so the choice is up to you!

How early should you be in line for the Liberty ferry?

Guide tip:Once you know exactly what time the boats are scheduled to leave, try to be in line at Liberty and Ellis Island at least 10 minutes early. This will help to ensure you get on the next ferry and don’t wind up cut off. The ferries do have limited capacity and nothing is worse than being so close and then having to wait another 20 or 30 minutes in the hot sun or extreme cold.

What is the only way to reach the Statue of Liberty?

The Only Way To Reach the Statue of Liberty: The Ferry

How early can you pick up a ferry from Castle Clinton?

No matter what you choose to do (buying online versus in person), you should try to be at Castle Clinton at least 30 minutes early to purchase or pick up. The ticket office at Castle Clinton opens 30 minutes before the first ferry departure and closes 30 minutes before the last.

Where does the New Jersey ferry go?

The ferry makes two stops — Liberty Island & Ellis Island. It will then return back to its original point of departure, whether that be Battery Park in New York or Liberty State Park in New Jersey. You can choose to not exit at any of the stops, but, if you do, always be sure to get back on the right boat. The New York and New Jersey boats take different routes and don’t stop at the others’ departure point. So if you’re coming from New York and hear a member of the crew shout “New Jersey” when you’re getting back on the boat, best to turn around and get off.

Where to sit on the ferry to see the statue of liberty?

Use this time to find a good seat on the right side of the boat (the side facing Manhattan and Battery Park) because as soon as the boat pulls out, it will make a sharp turn and put you in prime viewing area for that first Statue of Liberty picture.

How do I get to the Statue of Liberty?

If you’re taking the Statue of Liberty ferry from New York City, you’ll board it in Battery Park. Battery Park is a historic area in and of itself; it once hosted America’s first immigration station from 1855-1890 and is home to a castle (still standing today) built in expectation of the War of 1812, so you may want to plan to spend a little time exploring the grounds before or after your ferry trip.

How many crown tickets are there for a day?

Only 365 crown tickets are available each day, and they sell out well in advance, so if that’s your preference, make you purchase well ahead of time. Both pedestal and crown tickets must be purchase directly from Statue Cruises, either on their website at statuecruises.com or by calling 201-604-2800.

How many immigrants passed through Ellis Island?

For the 12 million immigrants who passed through Ellis Island during its 60-year run as a federal immigration center, the Statue of Liberty served as a promising symbol of a new life for them and their families. Today, visitors can learn all about their hopes, dreams, trials, and tribulations in the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

Why did the French build the statue of liberty?

The French wanted to celebrate America’s success in building a remarkable democracy as well as commemorate the longstanding relationship between the two rapidly-transforming countries. Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, a notable sculptor of the time, was commissioned to design a piece that was intended to celebrate the centennial of America’s momentous break from the British Empire in 1776.

Where to take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty?

If you’re taking the Statue of Liberty ferry from New York City, you’ll board it in Battery Park. Battery Park is a historic area in and of itself; it once hosted America’s first immigration station from 1855-1890 and is home to a castle (still standing today) built in expectation of the War of 1812, so you may want to plan to spend …

What is Emma Lazarus’s sonnet?

Her majesty and awe-inspiring presence are amplified by Emma Lazarus’ famed sonnet, "The New Colossus," which is visible on a plaque affixed to the pedestal. She is an enduring and impressive symbol of all that America stands for: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

When was the statue of liberty built?

This timeline was a bit ambitious; the funds required to build the statue were not raised until 1875, and the statue itself was completed 10 years later and shipped to America. Finally, in 1886, President Grover Cleveland stood in front of a crowd of thousands to officially dedicate the brand new Statue of Liberty.

How long does the Liberty ferry ride last?

Wherever you start from – Battery Park or Liberty State Park, the ferry ride to Liberty Island usually takes 15 minutes or less.

How often does the ferry leave Battery Park?

Every 20 to 25 minutes, a ferry leaves Battery Park to go to Liberty Island and leaves Liberty State Park to go to Ellis Island. Tourists waiting to board Statue of Liberty ferry. Image: Rob Young. Both Battery Park and Liberty State Park follow the same ferry schedule.

What ticket do you need to board the Statue of Liberty?

To board the ferry, you need a Statue of Liberty ferry ticket.

How to get to the Statue of Liberty?

The only way to get to the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island is through the ferries operated by Statue City Cruises. The ferry tickets include access to the massive Statue of Liberty, Liberty Museum, …

Why aren’t statue of liberty tickets sold?

Because of the pandemic, Statue of Liberty’s Pedestal tickets aren’t being sold.

Why are there fewer tourists on the Liberty ferry?

Because of the lack of good public transport options , fewer tourists board the Statue Cruises ferry from Liberty State Park.

What is included in the Big Apple Pass?

The Big Apple Pass includes tickets to a 60-minute Statue of Liberty cruise, the Empire State Building, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

What line does the HFC ferry go on?

HFC Image. Ferries from Battery Park, New York follow the black line. All ferries travel first to Liberty Island and then to Ellis Island before returning to Battery Park, New York. Ferries from Liberty State Park, New Jersey follow the blue line.

Where to buy statue city cruise tickets?

If you plan to purchase tickets the day of your visit they should only be purchased at the Statue City Cruises ticket windows at Castle Clinton in Battery Park, NY or at the Statue City Cruises ticket windows in the historic railroad terminal in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ.

Where are the Liberty Island and Ellis Island?

One National Park, Two Islands in New York Harbor . Visitors arrive and depart Liberty Island and Ellis Island, located in New York Harbor, via ferries operated by Statue City Cruises. These ferries leave from two locations: Battery Park, at the southern tip of Manhattan in New York City, and Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Where is the closest metered parking to Battery Park?

Accessible Parking to get to the ferry: The closest metered parking spaces to Battery Park are on Battery Place. Private parking lots are available as well. Accessible restrooms are available in Castle Clinton National Monument.

Where to drive to Battery Park?

Driving to Battery Park, New York City. General Directions: Take the East Side Drive (FDR Drive) south to Battery Park and State Street or the West Side Highway/West Street/Route 9A south to Battery Place. Parking: Designated parking is not available.

Does Statue City Cruises sell tickets?

Warning: Statue City Cruises is the ONLY ferry service authorized by the National Park Service to sell tickets for, and provide transportation to Liberty and Ellis Islands. Numerous third-party vendors sell tickets at higher prices or for boats that do not land at the islands.

Where is the restroom at Liberty State Park?

There are level walkways to the ferry boarding area. Accessible restrooms are located within the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal at Liberty State Park.

How Long Does It Take To Visit Both Parts Of The Tour?

How long this tour will take is entirely down to your interpretation and preferences. Everyone will spend a different amount of time at both Liberty and Ellis Islands.

What Else Is In The Area?

Once you disembark the Statue of Liberty ferry, what else can you do around the area? Well, Lower Manhattan has a whole host of touristy things you can get stuck into:

What is the ferry from Manhattan to New Jersey?

Crossing the Hudson River from Manhattan, New York into New Jersey aboard the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island ferry is one of many unmissable things to do when visiting NYC. But for such a popular and unmissable tourist attraction on every bucket list NYC itinerary, working out how to get to Liberty and Ellis Islands isn’t as easy as you might …

How long is the tour of Ellis Island?

We’d suggest a guideline of around 2 hours for Liberty Island and 2 hours for Ellis Island.

How often do ferry trips leave Battery Park?

Ferries typically depart Battery Park every 20-35 minutes between the hours of 8.30am to 5.00pm. However, restrictions put in place during the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in fewer ferry crossings to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

How early to get ferry from Battery Park to Castle Clinton?

In order to get the 9.30am ferry from Battery Park, be sure to arrive to Castle Clinton between 8.45am and 9.00am. Arrive at 8.45am and get in line inside Castle Clinton if you haven’t already bought tickets online or reserved a time with your CityPASS.

How long is the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty?

The 15 minute ferry ride will fly by as you become mesmerized by the Statue of Liberty growing in size. Watch as the flaming torch gradually turns into direct view and boom, in just a matter of seconds, your front-on view comes and goes in a flash.

Where to buy ferry tickets in New Jersey?

Ferry tickets may also be purchased at the Statue Cruises ticket booths, which are located in Castle Clinton in Battery Park (NYC) or at the ferry departure point in Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

What languages are on the ferry?

Content is available in 12 languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Does the Statue of Liberty ferry stop at Ellis Island?

All Statue Cruises tickets include round trip ferry service with stops at Liberty Island and Ellis Island. There are no additional costs to visit either the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration or the Statue of Liberty Museum. Audio tours are included with every ferry ticket purchase and can be picked up on each Island.

Do you need a ticket to visit the Statue of Liberty?

While you don’t need a ticket to enter the Statue of Liberty Museum or Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, tickets are required to board ferries to Liberty and Ellis Islands. All ferry ticketing is run through Statue Cruises, which is the only vendor authorized to provide tickets and transportation to Liberty and Ellis Islands.

Where is Lady Liberty’s sister?

Lady Liberty’s Little Sister Comes to Ellis Island. Celebrate America’s birthday with the Statue of Liberty – TIMES TWO! The Foundation and National Park Service are collaborating with the Embassy of France in the U.S. and the Consulate General of France in NY to bring a replica of Lady Liberty to Ellis Island.

Is there an additional cost to visit Ellis Island?

There are no additional costs to visit either the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration or the Statue of Liberty Museum.

Why is Staten Island Ferry free?

The Staten Island lies in New York Harbor, south of Manhattan and between New Jersey and Brooklyn.

What is the best way to visit the Statue of Liberty?

Statue Cruises’ Statue of Liberty ferry is the best way to explore the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island because they drop you at the Island and then take you back.

How far is the Whitehall Terminal from the South Ferry Station?

From the South Ferry Station, the Whitehall Terminal is less than a minute’s walk.

What time is the ferry to the Statue of Liberty?

The best time to board the free Staten Island Ferry is between 10 am, and 11:30 am or after 7 pm.

What holidays does the Staten Island Ferry operate on?

On New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, the Staten Island Ferry operates on a different holiday schedule.

How many people ride the Staten Island Ferry?

The ferry runs 24 hours a day, all through the year. Around 25 million people ride a Staten Island Ferry every year – that’s about 70,000 a day. The Staten Island Ferry is free, and you get to go right past Lady Liberty.

Where is the Whitehall ferry terminal?

The Whitehall ferry terminal is in the South Ferry section of Lower Manhattan, New York City, at the corner of South Street and Whitehall Street. Entrance of Staten Island Ferry’s Whitehall Terminal. Image: Ajay Suresh. It is also known as the South Ferry.

How much does it cost to take a ferry to the statue of liberty?

The ferry is typically a mere $3.00. But if you want to go for free, passengers can take the ferry free-of-charge on both Saturday and Sunday before noon. Once there, you can explore the island and walk to the southern edge for a wonderful view of the statue.

How to get to Liberty and Ellis Island?

Nope. The only way to get to Liberty & Ellis Island is to pay to ride a Statue Cruises ferry. No other company has permission to dock on either island.

What happens if you don’t exit Staten Island?

If you don’t time your exit correctly, you may end up stuck on Staten Island for an extra half hour while you wait for the next boat.

Is the Statue of Liberty free to visit?

If you’re interested in visiting the pedestal, consider letting a pro handle the planning details and join a Statue of Liberty tour. It might not be free but the experience is certainly worth the extra price.

Is there a free tour of Ellis Island?

No. Unfortunately, you won’t find any free guided tours to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island. It’s impossible to get to the island for free so anyone advertising a free tour isn’t legit.

Can you see Lady Liberty for free?

Seeing Lady Liberty for free does mean only getting to take a photo of her. There’s no free option for visiting Liberty Island and physically going inside the statue.

Is the Brooklyn Bridge a good place to explore?

Both the Brooklyn Bridge and the High Line are fun places to explore on their own.

Where to go to see the Statue of Liberty?

Take the Liberty Landing Ferry to Liberty State Park, a green oasis, and enjoy your weekends outdoors with magnificent views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Manhattan skyline. Bring your bicycles and strollers on our ferry and take advantage of the miles and miles of walkways. You can also visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from Liberty State Park, or stop by and participate in one of the natural or historical interpretive programs offered by the Park staff.

Where is the ferry from Exchange Place to Montgomery Street?

From Exchange Place and Hudson Street, walk South on Hudson Street towards Montgomery Street, turn right onto Morris Street, turn left on to Warren Street and the ferry leaves from the foot of Warren Street.

Do you need reservations for Liberty Landing?

Reservations are not needed for the Liberty Landing Ferry. You can purchase tickets on board the ferry using either cash or credit cards

Is Liberty Landing Ferry a good option?

Forget crowded trains and traffic jams. The Liberty Landing Ferry is a fast, affordable, efficient alternative across the Hudson.

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