where to buy jizo statue in tokyo


There’s the jizo statue that you can find at the very unique spot.Ginza Shusse Jizois placed on the 9th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi, one of the most traditional and popular department stores in Tokyo.

What are the wind Jizo statues in GhostWire Tokyo?

Everything you need to know about Wind Jizo Statues in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and where to find them. Ghostwire: Tokyo grants Akito the power control three elements: Wind, Water, and Fire. Of the three, Wind is the weakest, but the most plentiful.

Where can I find water Jizo statue 1?

This statue is located to the very north of the small Saihama area. Go directly north from the shrine and check the back gaps between houses to find it, right next to a Tanuki disguised as a Tanuki statue. Water Jizo Statue Locations Water Jizo Statue 1 – Yashin Shrine Area advertisement Water Jizo Statue 1

Where is the Jizo statue in Akisawa shrine?

Wind Jizo Statue 28 This Wind Jizo Statue is located east of the Akisawa Shrine area, east of two Tengu grapple points, and north of a Convenience Store. Follow the alleys on the eastern side of the shrine, and you will find this statue in the middle of them, near some orange traffic cones and bicycles.

What trophies do you get for praying to Jizo?

There are two trophies associated with praying to Jizo statues: Roadside Spirituality and Pilgrim. The first requires the player to pray to a single Jizo statue, which is pretty easy to achieve. The second will only pop once players pray to all 52 Jizo statues in the game.

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