where to buy sto nino statue in cebu


Is the statue of Santo Niño de Cebu real?

The statue of the Santo Nio de Cebu is one of the most beloved and recognizable cultural icons in the Philippines. It has been common knowledge that the original statue is encased inside a bulletproof glass in a chapel at the Baslica del Santo Nio. However, a few believe that the one displayed there isn’t authentic.

Who gave the statue of the Child Jesus to Cebu?

Image Source: triptophilippines.com The statue of the Child Jesus (or the Santo Nio de Cebu) is one of the oldest Christian relics in the Philippines. It was brought by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 who gave it as a gift to Cebu Island’s Rajah Humabon and his wife.

Do we need to display the original image of Sto Niño?

However, according to a research by Ben Chua, a researcher on the heritage of Cebu, the Augustinian fathers who run the Basilica del Santo Nio are required to display the original image of the Sto. Nio for public veneration.

What kind of items are sold in the Sto Niño store?

Religious articles are sold in this store as well as souvenir items and recuerdos of the Sto Nio.

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