where to keep krishna statue at home


NorthEast corner
Place lord Krishna’s statue in aNorthEast cornerand make sure that it is facing East to West or West to East. However,you must also consider the rooms nearby. Make sure that it is never placed in a bathroom or bedroom. Avoid rooms with adjoining walls as well. As you enter your home,check which wall of your house is in which direction.

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Where to place Lord Krishna’s statue?

It is important that you are able to look at the statue in the eye, without having to look up or look down. Place lord Krishna’s statue in a NorthEast corner and make sure that it is facing East to West or West to East. However, you must also consider the rooms nearby. Make sure that it is never placed in a bathroom or bedroom.

What are the benefits of having a statue of Krishna?

The direction of light attracts positivity and good energy into your home. It also brings in prosperity and happiness. Just like Lord Buddha, the type of statue of Lord Krishna also matters on your purpose. If you had a child or are having one soon then bring home the child version of Lord Krishna.

Where to place the horse statue in the House?

2.The office or study and living room are ideal places to place the horse statue in order to obtain the maximum income. 3.Place a pair of white galloping horses at your home in the north or northwest.

Should you keep a Buddha statue at home?

ByAmy Underdown, London, UK If you are looking to live in a space of positivity and harmony, it is great to keep a Buddha statue at home. Buddha statues are known to cultivate an aura of serenity and are said to replicate the sensation of being in a Buddhist temple, or as close to it as possible. Bringing a Buddha sta

Why is the cow and calf statue important?

Cow & Calf Statue. This statue is important as per Hindu mythology, as a cow represents all the Gods of Hinduism. Secondly, Lord Krishna loved butter, milk, butter and all other dairy products that a cow produces, so do keep a statue at home.

What is Lord Krishna’s mala?

Vaijayanti Mala. Lord Krishna wears a Vaijayanti mala as a bracelet or around his neck. If you can, then get one which has his name on it. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on the right placements of religious objects and idols to avoid bad luck in life.

Why do people keep peacock feathers in their temples?

Known for its beauty and the magnetic personality of Lord Krishna since he would wear it, it is believed that keeping a peacock feather in your home temple invites happiness.

Can you make prasad for Lord Krishna?

Making prasad for Lord Krishna is a no-brainer to put it lightly. Lord Krishna must be offered a prasad with misri and white butter. It is best to keep some misri in an airtight container in your home temple.

Where is the idol placed in Feng Shui?

As you enter your home, check which wall of your house is in which direction. The idol is most effective when it is placed in the Northeast corner of the home as mentioned above. East to West, or West to East is fine for its facing but never North to South. It is quite similar to the Feng Shui rules.

How to clean metal deities?

To clean metal deities, you should use some cotton wool dipped in some lemon juice and smeared with some fresh dry mango powder (also known as amchur). Avoid rubbing on the painted areas since the colour might just come off. Pat dry with fresh cotton when done.

What is the meaning of "laddu gopal"?

It is said that keeping a deity of Krishna in his childhood form, known an laddu gopal is akin to having a real baby at home. You need to bathe it, change it and feed it everyday. So, only if you are willing to give it time, get a laddu gopal home.

What mala does Lord Krishna use?

Vaijayanti mala. Lord Krishna used to don the Vaijayanti mala around his neck or as a bracelet. If you want to please Krishna, then you should keep a Vaijayanti mala in your home temple. Get one that carries Krishna’s name on it. 8/20.

What is Krishna’s favorite sugar?

When preparing prasad for Lord Krishna, use some crystallised sugar cubes, popularly known as Misri along with some white butter — Lord Krishna loved to have both the things. You can also keep some misri in an airtight container in your home temple.

What to do when getting a Radha Rani home?

If getting a Radha Rani home, make sure that you maintain cleanliness in all areas of your life and not just physically — one must be cleansed from both inside and the outside and spiritually as well, to welcome Krishna and Radha.

What is the meaning of the peacock feather?

Peacock feather. A peacock feather is known for its physical beauty and symbolises the magnetic personality of a person — Krishna used to wear a peacock feather and it is said that keeping a peacock feather in your home temple gives you happiness. 5/20. 5.

What is the cow and calf statue?

Cow and calf statue. According to Hindu mythology, a cow is an embodiment of all the 33 crore Gods of Hinduism. And since Krisha loved milk, butter and all other dairy products that a cow produces, one should also keep a cow and calf statue in his home temple. 4/20. 4.

Importance of Gautam Buddha statue at home

Gautam Buddha is a symbol of enlightenment, balance and inner peace. According to the Vastu Shastra, as well as Feng Shui, statues of Gautam Buddha are auspicious and harbingers of good fortune. According to Vastu, placing Buddha statues at different places in the home can impact your psychological health and harmony.

Forms of Buddha and their placements at home as per Vastu

Gautam Buddha is ‘The Enlightened One’, and the founder of Buddhism. Feng Shui and Vastu recommend placing his statue at home to enhance spirituality and harmony. Buddha figurines add an aesthetic appeal and when placed appropriately, bring prosperity, good health and peace. The sitting Buddha is the most widely recognised portrayal.

Sleeping Buddha statue and its placement at home

Sleeping/reclining or nirvana Buddha statue marks the last moments of the Shakyamuni Buddha and shows him with his right hand supporting his head. The statue shows the benevolence that comes with enlightenment and the possible liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

Praying Buddha statue and its placement at home

A statue of Lord Buddha sitting in a lotus pose with both his hands folded in prayer represents devotion and faith. As per Vastu Sastra, the idol spreads positivity inside the house. This Buddha is also called the ‘wai’ Buddha or the namaste Buddha. The praying Buddha is ideal for the temple at home.

Meditation Buddha statue for the prayer room

In the meditation pose, Buddha has both palms in his lap and his legs crossed in the lotus position. The face conveys calmness and peace and Buddha’s eyes are usually half-closed or fully closed. According to Vastu, meditating Buddha helps to create an aura of calmness.

Medicine Buddha statue for home as per Vastu

The medicine Buddha is usually preferred by people seeking good health. The statue’s right hand faces downward, fingers extended towards the ground, palm facing out and a bowl of herbs in the left hand. The right hand represents the Buddha giving a blessing.

Buddha head (face) for décor at home

The Buddha head or face is a common artefact that is often used to decorate homes. The head of Buddha is a modern creative form. It symbolises his self-knowledge. A Buddha’s head is the perfect décor piece for the living room or the entrance foyer. The ideal position for placing a Buddha statue is above eye level.

1. The role of horse sculpture at home

What comes to mind when you mention the word “horse”? For us, Horse is a symbol of energy, strength, victory and endurance. We have never seen a horse sitting, because it never sits, it always stands or runs. Therefore, it represents energy and power.

2. The importance of wastu to the family

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science. It welcomes the positive atmosphere in your home and eliminates the negative atmosphere to ensure a peaceful and happy life. This is not only the art of redecorating house architecture, but also a way to enhance energy in houses.

3.It is good to keep horse statue at home from wastu

According to vastu, there are many ways to promote your career. One of them is to keep a horse image or horse statue at home. According to vastu Shastra, a horse is associated with vitality, and its presence is responsible for triggering much-needed attention and financial stability.

4.Where are the horse sculptures placed from Vastu?

It can ensure vitality to keep horse statue at home or in the office , but for everything related to vastu, here are some suggestions:

What does a Krishna statue mean?

A Krishna Statue Invites Love and Prosperity Into Your Home. In the Hindu religion, Krishna is known as the god of love, wealth, and prosperity. By bringing a statue of Krishna into your home you’re inviting all the good omens he brings. But, you need to know where to place the statue and which way to face him to get the blessings.

Why do temples put candles in their homes?

In your home, do your best because this light direction is said to always attract positivity and good energy into your home favoring money and happiness.

Which way should you face the Krishna statue?

You’ll want to face the statue either East to West, or West to East, but never North to South. Similar to the Feng Shui rules, this placement shows the most respect for the Krishna statue and allows the energy to remain good.

Is Krishna statue a religious icon?

Krishna Statues are Beautiful Antique Pieces But Must Also Be Respected. At the end of the day, you need to remember that while you may like how the Krishna statue looks it is still a religious icon. Treating it with respect is a good plan to make sure it makes your home look lovely and inviting but also brings you the benefit …

Can you look at Krishna statues?

You should always be able to look at the statue without having to look up or look down but meeting eyes with the Krishna idol. Do your best, unless it’s a very large statue, to not place it on the ground but have it elevated at least a little bit.


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VARIANTS of lord krishna statue for home

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Meanwhile I’m going to discuss a few recommends. Firstly cleaning off the dust that gets on the statue. Secondly take a clean cloth, cotton. Thirdly moisten it and wipe the dust off the idol. This way you can keep this statue for a long time.

Why Should We Worship Krishna?

Krishna, the supreme god in his own right, is the god of protection, compassion and affection. Your life will be enlightened by the power of Lord Krishna. It brings many benefits and is divine for your home. Lord Krishna is worshipped in many religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism also, new age religion.

Is it Good to Keep the Krishna Brass Statue at Home?

Be it your office or home, having a brass lord Krishna is considered a very prosperous thing. A Krishna brass statute is one of the god idols that you must have in your home. For many of us, the presence of Krishna idols in our home or at our workplace gives us the strength to face the challenges that life throw at us.

Brass Lord Krishna is an Ideal Gift for Every Occasion

Apart from devotees, art collectors & interior designers love the idols of Lord Krishna as well. Krishna brass statue is a perfect gift for your family & friends and is suitable for any occasion be it a wedding, birthday, house-warming party, anniversary etc.

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