who was the statue at the end of loki


Kang the Conquerer
The final shot sees a mortified Loki staring at a statue ofKang the Conquererwithin a different TVA. Speaking with Marvel.com,production designer Farahani spoke on foreshadowing He Who Remains throughout the series as well as building his Citadel to reflect the lonely,exhausted figure within.

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What happened to the time keepers statue in Loki?

Mortified, Loki looks to the Time Keepers statue area and finds the statues are no longer there. In its place is a single statue of the face of the man he just met at the end of time in a futuristic suit— the variant He Who Remains warned them about— Kang.

Does Loki know he who remains?

Either way, the end result is the same: Loki is burdened with the knowledge of He Who Remains – but no one else is. Expect a more evil version of the TVA moving forward, with Kang in charge of pruning any threats that could endanger his dominion over time.

What happened to the TVA in Loki finale?

The time travelling Marvel villain is now set up as a Variant of He Who Remains – and he’s made an immediate impact, showing up as a statue looming over the TVA in the final shot of the Loki finale. Loki finale statue: What happened to the TVA? Yep, that’s Kang in charge of the TVA. Don’t believe me? Marvel has just confirmed it.

What is the last episode of Loki season 2?

The final episode — titled “For All Time. Always” — starts with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) arriving at the Citadel at the End of Time, where they finally meet with He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), who unveils his plan for the future.

Who is the villain in the final shot of Loki?

One of those is Kang the Conqueror. The time travelling Marvel villain is now set up as a Variant of He Who Remains – and he’s made an immediate impact, showing up as a statue looming over the TVA in the final shot of the Loki finale.

Why is Loki sent to another timeline?

That’s all because Loki was sent to another timeline, one where Kang rules the TVA. It could even be ‘our’ timeline, with Kang the Conqueror travelling back in time to take over the TVA. Either way, the end result is the same: Loki is burdened with the knowledge of He Who Remains – but no one else is.

Where did Judge Renslayer go?

Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Judge Ravonna Renslayer actually gets one of the more low-key departures in Marvel history. No death, no sacrifice, just a woman off in search of free will.

What could happen in Loki season 2?

Then, there’s Loki season 2. The premise of the original series was Loki getting pulled out of time to fix a mistake. Now, he might be the one looking to fix the ultimate mistake – and trying to topple Kang.

When did He Who Remains exist?

As He Who Remains explains, he (and infinite versions of him) existed in the 31st Century . What follows is an exposition dump that’s important to retrace as it’s likely going to be the touchstone for all the multiversal madness moving forward.

Who is He Who Remains?

He Who Remains, then, is the person who controls and maintains one isolated ‘Sacred’ timeline. Without him keeping things in check, timelines and universes can branch off, collide, and cause untold levels of chaos as Variants interact and worlds diverge. Unfortunately for He Who Remains (and the MCU), Sylvie kills him.

Is there a second season of Loki?

And, with Loki season 2 confirmed, we’ll even take a cursory glance at the status of all the major pieces on the board as the biggest, wildest chess game in MCU history gets underway in earnest.

What is the conclusion of Loki season 1?

The conclusion of Loki season 1 sets up a healthy collection of villains to be added to the MCU’s roster. First and most obvious is Kang, but it’s also worth note that Ravonna Renslayer made a quick escape while claiming to be off to find " free will " – which is fairly ominous given the episode releases in the wake of Black Widow ‘s plot about a serum that removes all free will from those it is given to. Similarly, Sylvie’s arc ending on the grim note of her breaking ties with Loki may suggest she too becomes a villainous entity later down the MCU’s proverbial road, as her moral compass and Loki’s are vastly different. And then, of course, there are the other Kang variants: He Who Remains promised " infinite versions " of himself, which means the MCU could bring in every comics iteration of Nathaniel Richards – the Warlord, Kang the Conqueror, Immortus and even the imposter Doctor Doom he became at one point. It seems likely, no matter which characters appear, that Jonathan Majors’ villain is being set up as the MCU’s next Thanos.

What season did Mobius and Loki get together?

Loki and Mobius’ relationship was an integral part of Loki season 1, and so it came as something of an unexpected blow to discover that, after Sylvie betrayed Loki and sent him through the time door, he landed in a different timeline and that version of Mobius didn’t recognize his former ally and friend.

What episode does Sylvie kill He Who Remains?

Sylvie’s decision to kill the Kang variant He Who Remains is perhaps the single most important event that takes place in Loki episode 6 - as it allows the iconic Marvel villain to replace him in the timeline, and results in the multiverse once again forming in the MCU. It is, however, also a decision that many may regard as a strange one, given that Sylvie knows killing He Who Remains could have a potentially catastrophic effect and create another multiverse war.

What episode does Kang replace the Time Keepers?

Kang Statue In The TVA Replacing The Time-Keepers Explained. Loki episode 6 ends by showing that the Time-Keeper statues in the TVA headquarters have been replaced with a version of He Who Remains dressed in a costume familiar to comic readers. Though minus the helmet, the statue is immediately recognizable as wearing Kang’s outfit, …

Why is the death of the Kang variant important?

The death of the Kang variant He Who Remains isn’t just important in that it appears to change the MCU timeline - it’s also important in that it allows the multiverse to reform, as it was only He Who Remains’ efforts that were preventing this.

What is the final episode of Loki about?

Given Loki ‘s final episode revolves around the idea that countless timelines were neutered based on whether He Who Remains deemed them dangerous or "not true" to the Sacred Timeline, it was perhaps inevitable that the discussion in the finale would turn to the nature of free will.

Is Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp?

Though Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will feature Kang as its villain, there are no doubt many other alterations to the timeline for Loki to try and help sort out – as well as him no doubt trying to prevent a future multiverse war.

How tall are the Sentinels of Time?

Adding to the mystery of who the man behind the curtain was, Farahani constructed 13-foot-tall sculptures of these Sentinels of time in the Hall of Heroes that Loki and Sylvie navigate through upon their arrival to the Citadel at the End of Time. A lot of care and thought went into these sculptures, with Farahani noting, “The Sentinels are each holding half of an hourglass. One is collecting time by holding it up, and the other one’s holding it down and time is coming out of it.” As you navigate into the next room, Farahani designed an elaborate timekeeping apparatus where the room itself serves as the clock. He adds, “It’s slowly unveiling these kinds of mysteries of the place without telling you who he actually is until you get there.”

How did Loki and Sylvie light the office?

Loki and Sylvie follow He Who Remains into the elevator and take it up to his office. The office, showcasing a massive library, presented a new challenge for the design team. There were no lamps as everything was carved in situ from stone; there was no set dressing. The entire environment was lit entirely by windows and the glow of the fire from the fireplace. To bring an outside light source, the team came up with having a nebula outside of his office window.

What does Farahani say about the Citadel?

To reflect He Who Remains’ eons of isolation, Farahani remarks, “The thinking with the Citadel was that it was in ruins except for the office. He retreated from all the different parts of the Citadel, abandoned them, and just holed up in his office.”. [ RELATED : ‘Loki’: Meet the Man Behind the Curtain, He Who Remains]

What happens if Sylvie and Loki kill him?

In the final confrontation with Sylvie and Loki in his office, He Who Remains makes good on his threat. If they kill him, they’ll expose the Sacred Timeline and invite an infinite number of versions of himself who aren’t as keen on peace and harmony.

What is the Citadel at the end of time?

The Citadel at the End of Time is meant to punctuate He Who Remains ’ position as “this sad, lonely figure rattling around a big empty space.” After all, the creator of the TVA had to stave off his other variants, culminating in the Mutiversal War. Achieving cosmic harmony is an arduous and solitary task. To reflect He Who Remains’ eons of isolation, Farahani remarks, “The thinking with the Citadel was that it was in ruins except for the office. He retreated from all the different parts of the Citadel, abandoned them, and just holed up in his office.”

Who sent Loki back to the TVA?

With Sylvie sending Loki back to the TVA through a Time Door, the god of mischief frantically searches the bureaucratic organization for his friend, Mobius. Coming across the agent and Hunter B-15 in the TVA Archives, Loki explains that he and Sylvie made a grave mistake. He’s found the mastermind, and countless versions …

Will Loki return in season 2?

As for what Loki and Sylvie have unleashed as they destroyed the timeline, we’ll have to wait and find out when Marvel Studios’ Loki returns for Season 2. All six episodes from the first season of Marvel Studios’ Loki are now streaming exclusively on Disney+! Loki will return for Season 2.

Why was the statue of Kang shot?

The establishment shot of this new statue of Kang was, as Farahani explained, “to delay the audience and Loki’s understanding that they were in a different place, that they were in a different timeline.”

Is Kang in Loki?

Kang has been rumored to appear in Loki since last year before Jonathan Majors was cast in the role of Kang the Conqueror for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania . As soon as the first episode, fans immediately jumped to the conclusion of Kang being behind the TVA all along .

Who warned Loki about the Conqueror?

Marvel itself also confirmed in the interview that the statue Loki saw in the show’s final shot was indeed the Variant Jonathan Majors’ He Who Remains warned both Lokis about—Kang the Conqueror.

Will there be a season 2 of Kang?

It was confirmed after the credits that a second season of the show will be coming, which will likely deal with the fallout of Sylvie’s decision to kill He Who Remains and unleashing Kang upon the multiverse.

Where does Kasra Farahani start?

He begins at the ’60s-inspired, orange-hued offices of the Time Variance Authority, then travels through an eccentrically cluttered void littered with the universe’s refuse, and ends at the edge of the known universe. In order to sell audiences on both the eerily bureaucratic TVA and the unknowable edges of time, Marvel tapped Kasra Farahani to shape the show’s aesthetics—even though he had more experience as a concept artist (he’d done work in that department for the studio since 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy sequel) than as a production designer.

What is the Citadel stone?

The Citadel stone started in the art department as a pitch for this, but it ended up propagating itself far beyond that—like [He Whom Remains’s] temp pad. If you go back and look through the TVA, you can see that there are other things, like statues in Renslayer’s office and the dais in the Time Court, also hewn from this stone. There are few other places where this rock that just looks like a beautiful or strange stone is actually like this link between He Who Remains and the TVA.

Who was the person that turned out the sets for Loki?

Farahani wound up being the perfect person for the job, turning out intricately detailed and visually astonishing sets for Loki ’s first season. The Marvel franchise is typically reliant on CG-heavy locations; Loki instead opted for real and bizarre details, like the TVA’s tile work and vaguely anachronistic tech, to give audiences an unsettling, otherworldly vibe.

Is the office hard?

It can be either or both! That set was actually quite hard, though. Not the office, [which] will have traces of a life being lived. It was harder in the hall because there’s two giant fireplaces there and no other set dressing. To answer your question, it’s about characterization and, like you’re saying, what is this person doing in this space? Sometimes it’s about just making it not be distracting that something isn’t there. In the case of the office, I think it’s the former. I don’t know; somebody that’s beamed up from the TVA—Casey from the TVA is beamed up to clean out his fireplace. Does Casey do his errands for him? Somebody has to do it, because he’s living in this space.

Who remains sits at desks carved from the same material?

Both Ravonna and He Who Remains sit at desks carved from the same material.

Is there a second season of Loki?

Unlike WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, however, Loki has been renewed for season 2. This is a good thing, since the Loki season 1 finale ended on such a cliffhanger. Hopefully, the story in Loki season 2 will address the biggest questions, such as who, exactly, is running the TVA now.

Did Loki end with a twist?

Loki ended with a twist — but the Time Keeper statues within the TVA hinted at the ending reveal since the very beginning of the Marvel series.

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What does ‘Loki’ season finale ending mean?

It’s a clear indication that Loki has shown up in a different timeline than where he had been before. He’s now in a timeline where He Who Remains rules the entire TVA by himself without the illusion of the Time Keepers. It’s also a timeline where Mobius never met Loki.

Who played Sylvie in the final episode of The Citadel?

The final episode — titled “For All Time. Always” — starts with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) arriving at the Citadel at the End of Time, where they finally meet with He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), who unveils his plan for the future. He offers Loki and Sylvie the chance to take over as rulers of the TVA, or to kill him and let the multiverse run free (and, thus, unleash variants of He Who Remains who will be worse than him).

Who plays Mobius in Time Variance Authority?

Loki finds himself at the Time Variance Authority office again. Confused about what to do next, he rushes through the offices to find Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson). We last saw Agent Mobius and Hunter B-15 talking together about the creation of the multiverse.

Who is “He Who Remains”?

A long time ago, Kang was a 31st-century scientist from Earth. He discovered the existence of multiple realities. At the same time, the other Kangs from those realities learned the same thing. What began as a celebration amongst colleagues inevitably devolved into a war, as some Kangs were not as friendly as others.

What is the Council of Kangs?

Before Kang was Kang, he was Nathaniel Richards, a researcher and a potential descendent of the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards. He was a time-travel obsessive, cracking the science behind it by building off Doctor Doom’s temporal discoveries. On his first trip backward, Nathaniel establishes himself as the Pharoah Rama-Tut. So, you know, he’s a totally logical maniac.

Where does the MCU go after the end of Loki?

Marvel’s Phase Four is officially kicked off. The Kangs will have the Avengers longing for the simple days of fighting Thanos. From here, we’ll explore the multiverse with What If…? landing on Disney+ in August. After that, Spider-Man will meet the Spider-Men in No Way Home. Wanda will go hunting for her children in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Kang is fated to return in Ant – Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

What does Kang ask Sylvie and Loki?

Each person sitting in the Citidel has committed heinous acts. What Kang asks of Sylvie and Loki is that they continue to do them for the greater good.

What does Loki wish for in the revelations?

Loki and Sylvie take the revelations quite differently. Loki wishes for a minute to think. If “He Who Remains” is correct, a greater evil awaits them. Kang offers them the opportunity to sit where he sits and rule the one-true timeline as they see fit. The ancient figure before them has gone a little kooky over the centuries, and he’s looking for retirement.

What happens to Sylvie in the finale?

Sylvie won’t hear it, and she squares off against Loki during the climax of the finale. Eventually, Loki blocks Sylvie’s Kang kill-strike with his own neck. He tells her that he doesn’t want a throne. He just wants Sylvie to be okay. The two variants of each other kiss, and it’s all very bizarre and appropriately mythological. But, as Loki variants are want to do, Sylvie betrays Loki by tossing him through a TemPad portal.

What episode does Loki say "He Who Remains"?

Although, no one actually calls him that during the episode. Instead, they refer to him only as “He Who Remains.” Loki Episode 6 (“For All Time, Always”), and the series overall, concludes with an ending very much like The Matrix Reloaded, with a “what-huh” conversation involving a talkative architect explaining the insanity fueling the plot.

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