why confederate statues should not be removed


Arguments for why Confederate statues should not be removed includepointing out the dark sides of other celebrated American heroes, like Washington and Jefferson, as well as the politicization of the statues when there are more important problems. Keep reading for all the pros and cons of removing Confederate statues.

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Is removing Confederate monuments like erasing history?

Toppling statues is a first step toward ending Confederate myths The statues rewrote history, reflecting the values of those who erected them. Removing them won’t erase history. Protesters gather…

Why removing Confederate statues is not erasing history?

Removing Confederate Statues Isn’t About Erasing The Past, It’s About Building A Better Future … “People make a mistake when they think removing those statues is about trying to erase or rewrite the past. … There is no erasing the Confederacy from history.

Should all Confederate statues be removed?

These statues only represent and idolize a history of racism and oppression. Confederate statues should be removed, and the fact they even stayed up for this long is a shame for this country. Many confederate statues have already been removed recently, but the holdouts need to be taken down.

What state has the most Confederate monuments?

Total number of Confederate symbols: 77City with the most Confederate symbols: Jacksonville (9 symbols)Number of symbols removed since 1880: 33

Why did the Confederacy secede?

Many opponents of Confederate public expression will resort to a common, widespread claim: that the Confederacy seceded to protect slavery, and therefore all Confederate symbols are inherently racist. History, on the other hand, paints an entirely different picture — the Confederacy was more concerned with their independence than they were with the fate of slavery. Perhaps the most blatant example of this would be the Confederacy’s response to a proposed Constitutional amendment known as the Corwin Amendment. This amendment, if enacted, would have

Why are Confederate monuments important?

Confederate monuments honor those that fought and gave their lives for their homeland, defending it from Northern aggression. The controversy surrounding Confederate symbolism should not warrant censorship, but rather discussion. Let us not violently clamor to tear down these reminders of our history. Rather, let us sit down with those that we disagree with, and converse with them why we see these symbols differently. Most importantly, we must learn from history, and not divide ourselves due to a lack of understanding and compromise, lest we be headed for another Civil War.

What was the South’s fight for?

The South’s fight was one for self-determination and self-government, not one for slavery. To portray the Confederacy as a group of racist bigots is not only an injustice to history, but an injustice to the millions of Southerners who celebrate their heritage and their ancestors with pride and admiration.

Why did the Southern states join the Confederacy?

Southern states joined the Confederacy because of the issue of slavery; therefore, the Confederacy was founded based on the principles of racism and oppression, not "states rights". Reply. @Anonymous @Anon2, The Review will be starting a column for reader reactions.

Which time period had the most Confederate statues?

The time periods where the most amount of Confederate statues were put up were during the Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights Movement, in efforts to intimidate African-Americans into yielding to the superiority complex possessed by whites.

Did the South want independence?

The South sure did want independence and "self-determination". Self-determination, as in the ability to determine their own rules: also known as, keeping the institution of slavery alive and thriving. That’s not called a misconception, it’s called the truth.

Why Confederate Monuments Should Not Be Torn Down

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Why should we leave the statues up?

Con: Leave The Statues Up To Remember A Shameful Period In History. Most Confederate monuments were erected between 1870 and the 1930s to honor the cause of the Confederacy or the memory of slavery—and that’s exactly why we should keep them.

Why are the Confederate statues being removed?

Why are Confederate statues being removed? Arguments for why Confederate statues should be removed include the Confederacy’s shameful history of treason and white supremacy, as well as the original purpose of these statues, which was to intimidate Black Americans while celebrating white power.

Why were the statues of the Confederate flag erected?

The intention was to intimidate Black while reinforcing white power structures in America. And the vast majority of these statues were erected during the height of the Jim Crow movement, as historian Kevin M. Kruse has shown. For proof, just look at the 1911 dedication of a Jefferson Davis statue in New Orleans. The ceremony was “whites only,” and featured children forming a Confederate flag and singing “Dixie.”

How long have the Confederate statues been standing?

Many of the Confederate statues have been standing for a century. They’ve been a hot button issue for decades. However, the major impetus to remove these statues has only really caught on in the last few years. That says more about how politically divided our nation has become than about the statues themselves.

Why did the Confederates die?

Confederates died defending slavery as an institution. Yes, other celebrated Americans were also deeply wrong about slavery, but they aspired to something greater. And don’t forget—the Confederacy lost. They were on the wrong side of history. There’s nothing to memorialize there, except a history of white supremacy and treason.

What is the history of destroying monuments?

The history of destroying monuments shows the dangers of tearing them down. Political iconoclasm has a dark and violent history–one we should be eager not to repeat. During the French Revolution, for example, mobs tore down statues in Catholic Churches. Their actions also took a violent turn, as when revolutionaries murdered bishops and priests who refused to sign a loyalty oath. Today, some of the worst leaders of the French Revolution have names on public sights, like the metro station named for Maximilien Robespierre, architect of the Reign of Terror. As Rod Dreher argues in The American Conservative, Americans should not make the same mistakes as France.

How did Lee become patriotic?

But as Rob Dreher argues in The American Conservative, after the Civil War, Lee became patriotic. He called on defeated Southerners to lay down their weapons and commit themselves to the United States. This choice, counseling patriotism over resistance, helped heal the nation after the divisive war.

Why were the Confederate statues put up?

The Confederate statues were put up when they were put up [not just after the war but largely during periods of Civil Rights tension in the 20th century], to send a message about white supremacy, and to sentimentalize people who had actively fought to preserve the system of slavery.

What are the threats to history?

There are far more dangerous threats to history. Defunding the humanities, cutting history classes and departments. Those are the real threats to history. GAZETTE: In the past, people have suggested the monuments should stay, but that additional plaques or other information should be incorporated to add context.

How many monuments to the Confederacy are there?

A 2018 report from the Southern Poverty Law Center found there are more than 1,700 monuments to the Confederacy still in public spaces. Annette Gordon-Reed, a historian of U.S.

What did the French and German activists discuss?

French and German activist politicians discuss battling racism with legislation. Unraveling medical racism. View all of The Quest for Racial Justice. The police killing of George Floyd sparked widespread protests and reignited efforts across the U.S. to remove Confederate and other statues viewed as symbols of slavery and racism.

Why do monuments go up?

They put up monuments to T.J. because of the Declaration of Independence, which every group has used to make their place in American society.

Why was the interview edited?

Interview was edited for clarity and space.

Who is Annette Gordon Reed?

Annette Gordon-Reed, a historian of U.S. slavery, legal scholar, and member of the Presidential Initiative on Harvard and the Legacy of Slavery, spoke with the Gazette about the issue. Gordon-Reed is a professor of history and the Charles Warren Professor of American Legal History at Harvard Law School. She won the Pulitzer Prize and National Book …

How many Confederate statues are there?

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, 59 Confederate statues and nine markers or plaques were removed from public land in 19 US states between June 17, 2015 and July 6, 2020. At last count, 754 Confederate monuments remain on public land across 26 states, including 230 statues of Robert E. Lee. [ 14]

What was the cause of the Charlottesville protest?

The rally protested the proposed removal of statues of Confederate Army Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. [ 5]

Why did Trump want to take down the Confederate monuments?

Of the calls to take down Confederate monuments, President Donald Trump stated, “This cruel campaign of censorship and exclusion violates everything we hold dear as Americans. They want to demolish our heritage so they can impose a new oppressive regime in its place.” [ 9] Trump argued the plight to save the statues “is a battle to save the Heritage, History, and Greatness of our Country!” [ 34]

Why were the statues put up?

This is why they put them up in the first place; to affirm the centrality of white supremacy to Southern culture.”. [ 1] Because the statues were intended to promote white supremacy, Richard Rose, President of Atlanta’s NAACP, argues, “You can’t contextualize racism or compromise on racism.”.

Why did the statues of liberty misrepresent history?

The statues misrepresent history, and glorify people who perpetuated slavery, attempted secession from United States, and lost the Civil War. When 11 Southern states seceded from the Union in 1861, they were very clear that the reason was the impending abolition of slavery.

How many signatures did Tennessee get in 2020?

A petition in Tennessee gained 22,736 signatures (and counting as of July 8, 2020) to replace all Confederate statues in the state, including the statue of Confederate Army General and KKK Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest that stands in the state’s capitol building, with statues of Dolly Parton. [ 29] [ 30]

What flag did the shooter use to represent the Confederate South?

The shooter was said to have glorified the Confederate South, posing in Facebook photos with the Battle Flag of the Northern Virginia Army (also known now as the “Confederate flag,” though it never represented the Confederate States) and touring historical Confederate locations before the shooting.

When were Confederate statues built and why?

A majority of America’s Confederate statues were built between the 1900s and 1920s and again in the 1950s and 1960s, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

How many Confederate statues are there?

There are 1,747 Confederate monuments or symbols that still stand around the US, according to the SPLC.

Why are Confederate statues being removed?

Protests over Floyd’s death in Minneapolis have refocused the country’s attention on police brutality and racial injustice.

What statues were taken down in Virginia?

CONFEDERATE statues and monuments honoring slave traders are being taken down amid worldwide anti-racism protests spurred by the death of George Floyd. Virginia Gov Ralph Northam on Thursday ordered the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Richmond. 14. Virginia Gov Ralph Northam ordered on Thursday the removal of a statue …

How many Confederate symbols have been taken down?

Since the 2015 mass shooting at Mother Emanuel church in Charleston, South Carolina, 114 Confederate symbols have been taken down.

Why were the monuments built?

But experts believe the monuments were built to send a message promoting white supremacy.

Why did the Northern and Southern states fight?

Northern and southern states fought because of a long-standing disagreement over slavery in the US.

Why should we leave the Confederate statues up?

Unfortunately, his claim is true, but not with regard to this issue. The reason pertains to the fact that confederate statues have been up for the last 130 years or so. And in that time, we have repeated the mistakes of the past. Just as blacks were enslaved and considered to be “less than” in slavery days, blacks are still considered to be “less than” even now. This is easy to see when one looks at the fact that there are few blacks in administrative positions in this country. Even my mother, who was Ivy League-educated with a dual Accounting and Economics degree from Duke University was overlooked for a $100,000 manager’s position.

Why did the Confederate statues remind blacks of the torture, death, slavery, slave sales, and other?

They are reminded that Rosa Parks had to fight for her seat on the bus because the society in which Rosa Parks lived didn’t see her as equal to a white man.

Why should African Americans be proud of the Confederate statues?

African-Americans should “be proud” of Confederate statues because they reveal how far they’ve come in this country. Marjorie Taylor Greene says that if she were black she’d be proud of the Confederate statues because they’d remind her of how far blacks have come in this country.

What does it mean when blacks see Confederate statues?

The truth of the matter is that , when blacks see Confederate statues, contra ry to Greene’s uneducated opinion, blacks feel afraid. They are reminded of the oppression of their ancestors. They are reminded of just what their people suffered and endured so that they can have the rights they do now.

Why did Mississippi not remove the Confederate monument?

This week, a Mississippi supervisor (elected official) voted not to remove the Confederate monument in Columbus because for him, it’s history. “We need to be reminded of some atrocity that happened. If we are not reminded about it, we are going to have a tendency to forget it and (the history) is going to repeat itself,” Republican representative Harry Sanders said.

Can trauma victims of war have PTSD?

The same can be said for blacks when they see historical statues of Confederate generals and slaveowners who enslaved their people. Reliving the trauma doesn’t feel good.

Do black people look at the statues?

So, no, Marjorie Taylor Greene, blacks are not proud to look at those statues. In a perfect world, blacks would’ve never been enslaved and would never have had to see those statues in the first place. And looking at them every day reminds blacks that the world is still racist, still Confederate, still pro-slavery, even in different forms.

What did people say about the Charlottesville statue?

They say we shouldn’t honor a bunch of racists who fought to preserve slavery, and that it’s long past time for these painful reminders of our past to come down—stow them away in a museum or smash them to pieces, just get them off the streets.

Why are the Confederate monuments important?

So the monuments reflect more than one current of early twentieth-century America. They served to venerate Confederate heroes like Robert E. Lee, thereby cementing the narrative of the Lost Cause and all its misty-eyed nostalgia about the South. But they were also an outpouring of grief and remembrance for the hundreds of thousands who had died in the war. Nearly a quarter of Southern white men in their twenties were killed or died from disease. Is it any wonder that decades later, as families began to bury Confederate veterans in greater numbers, there would be a push to erect memorials to that generation?

Why did the Confederate soldiers fight?

For the ordinary soldiers who fought and died, devotion to the Confederate army did not arise primarily from a devotion to the institution of slavery (just as most Union soldiers were not fighting primarily to end slavery) but from a devotion to their home states and a sense of honor and duty to defend them from what they considered to be an invading army.

Why do statues have to go?

The statues must go because they remind us constantly of a past that needs only to be overcome and forgotten. A more mature society would recognize that the past is always with you and must always be kept in mind.

Why does the left want to forget the past?

The Real Reason The Left Wants To Forget The Past. President Trump was mocked for suggesting that if we tear down statues of Lee then activists would demand the removal of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson next. But sure enough, later in the week the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC was vandalized with spray paint.

What does "Let them stand as a memorial of our ancestors who died" mean?

Let them stand as a memorial of our ancestors who died, a challenge to understand their time and its troubles, and a warning for the present day.

What was Holmes’ duty as a Civil War veteran?

For Holmes, it was also the duty of Civil War veterans themselves to convey the significance of the war to posterity. He said, “the generation that carried on the war has been set apart by its experience. Through our great good fortune, in our youth our hearts were touched with fire… we have seen with our own eyes, beyond and above the gold fields, the snowy heights of honor, and it is for us to bear the report to those who come after.”

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