why did they remove theodore roosevelt statue


Why is Theodore Roosevelt’s statue being removed from New York City?

Workers remove part of a statue of Theodore Roosevelt that has stood outside the entrance to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City since 1940, which the museum proposed to remove following objections from some that it was a symbol of colonialism, Jan. 20, 2022. (REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs)

What is the significance of the Teddy Roosevelt statue?

The statue features Teddy Roosevelt on a horse, while the Native American man and the African man are standing on the ground below him. Ms. Futter referred to this as a “hierarchical composition,” which appears to favor the white Theodore Roosevelt and subjugate the Black and Indigenous men also depicted.

Where is the Theodore Roosevelt equestrian statue?

The Theodore Roosevelt Equestrian Statue is shown in front of the American Museum of Natural History’s Central Park West entrance in New York City in 2020. Removal began this week.

What happened to the equestrian statue at the museum?

The relocation of the Equestrian Statue from the front steps of the American Museum of Natural History began Tuesday, a museum spokesperson told NPR over email.

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